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Ozzy And Jack's World Detour

Bonus: FBI Driving

Bonus: FBI Driving

Bonus: FBI Driving

Jack and Ozzy are trained in the skills of evasive driving by experts at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, in this deleted scene from "Misters Osbourne Go to Washington."

He's a heavy metal God...the Blizzard of Oz...the Prince of Darkness... but to Jack Osbourne, he's just Dad. And, during most of Jack's youth, his father Ozzy was always on the road, hard at work as the lead singer of Black Sabbath and his own band. There wasn't much time for family trips. But, now that Ozzy's finding a better work-life balance, and Jack is in a place where he can make the time, father and son are looking to hit the road in a journey that they've always wanted to take. A big history buff and HISTORY viewer, Ozzy never had a chance to visit the many historical places he only saw on TV. A schooled and self-professed history nerd, Jack has put together a bucket list of locations and landmarks that he knows will impress his dad. This fall, Jack will take him on a series of trips that will enlighten both father and son.

Bonus: Deak Harp Plays the Blues
Bonus: FBI Driving
Bonus: Alien Zone
Sir Prince Of Darkness
Ozzy and Jack's bucket lists collide when father and son head to the UK. While both want to visit Stonehenge, the mythic structure of Druid lore, the rest of their itinerary is up for debate.
Remember The Alamo?
As a history buff, Ozzy never had a chance to visit many historical places. His son, Jack, has put together a bucket list of landmarks and bring him on a series of trips that will enlighten both of them.
Cuba Or Busted
For more than 50 years Cuba's been off limits for travelers coming from America. But now the doors are open and Jack & Ozzy are headed there to get a look at some history that's been hidden away.