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Deep Sea Salvage

Scott Diving with Explosives

Scott Diving with Explosives

Scott Diving with Explosives

Watch Deep Sea Salvage on H2

Who do you call when thousands of tons of gnarled metal over 100 feet deep in the water are threatening to wreak environmental havoc if not removed immediately? The Bisso family of Louisiana has been the answer for more than a century, assembling a long history of expertise in the incredibly dangerous and highly technical duty of sea salvage and excavation. At Bisso Marine, death and dismemberment are part of the job - and as a family business, those treacherous stakes are even higher. For each mission, Beaux Bisso and family assemble a team of engineers, divers and renegades to solve a seemingly impossible salvage problem. Hauling up a hunk of collapsed bridge from a river; raising a rust-bucket cargo ship from its watery grave; blasting through the seabed to dislodge gas lines - the Bissos and crew don't just use technology to accomplish their jobs, they often invent it as they go, pulling off a few deep-sea engineering firsts in the process. Watch as extensive CGI details their game plans, providing a context for these unbelievable underwater missions.

Recovering a Capped Sized Barge
Scott Diving with Explosives
Deadly Rig
The Bisso team must raise a sunken oil rig's support structure from the ocean muck before it sweeps the legs out from underneath another fully operational rig.
Heavy Metal
A destroyed harbour town, Port Arthur, Texas, is flooded with disabled ships and barges, bringing the town to a standstill. One barge is a key spool barge used to run cable across the Gulf.
Brink Of Disaster
The Mississippi River is in crisis. An oil barge is split in half by a tanker and Bisso Marine must stop the leaking oil before an explosion occurs.
Hell Unleashed
Joe V has been summoned to the Gulf to lead a team of divers who will have to drag two massive scrap metal structures from the ocean floor before they puncture a sub-ocean oil pipeline.
Cursed Treasure
Salvage master Peter D discovers the tug is sitting on top of a hidden, sunken barge. When the crew realises they need to go back for more equipment, they hit a power line.
Final Battle
A tropical storm swell washes the Fox, a huge supply ship, deep onto the mainland. Pirtle leads a team of heavy lifters and divers to get it back to water.