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The Battle History Of The Us Air Force

The moment before bombing of Japan

The moment before bombing of Japan

The moment before bombing of Japan

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All through the 20th Century, American airpower flew past mighty enemies in flaming skies. But the decades that saw rickety boxkites become supersonic ghosts of apocalyptic power was strewn with the death and genius of brave airmen. To fly with them through a fighting century is to live some of the proudest history of American Arms. BATTLE HISTORY OF THE U.S. AIR FORCE covers a full, combat-filled century of the slow, arduous dangerous development of a painfully-evolving war machine.

The moment before bombing of Japan
Struggling Into The Air
The US Air Force's history in the 20th century includes the first air pioneers and visionaries, WWI and the hero Aces and Billy Mitchell's battle for a separate service.
Wings Across The World
The low-level attack on the Ploesti oil fields is a debacle; an increasingly powerful air force suffers heartbreaking losses over Regensburg and Schweinfurt.
Air Wars Hot And Cold
The failure of high-level raids over Japan leads to the coming of Curtis LeMay and the switch to devastating B-29 fire raids.
Over The Jungles, Over The Sands
By the end of the Vietnam War, air force losses were huge and victory denied though many new weapons, including the first smart bombs, were developed.