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Your Bleeped Up Brain

Your Bleeped Up Brain

This limited series unlocks the secrets of visual perception and the constant tricks and illusions it plays on our brains. We will first show these illusions at work through man-on-the-street demonstration, then reveal how these illusions have changed the course of history. We'll see how the Greeks integrated optical illusions into the Parthenon, reveal why Hitler used as many as six body doubles, why the Mona Lisa's eyes seem to follow you no matter where you are, and how an SOS from the Titanic could have been easily ignored.

History is riddled with examples of people being fooled by simple tricks. Find out why our brains are so easily fooled and how these tricks have been used throughout time to change the course of history.
Our memory is not as good as we think and can sometimes lead to unusual consequences. We investigate the stories of axe murderer Lizzie Borden and the events of 9/11 to reveal the secrets of human memory.
Investigate how our minds make connections and attempt to see into the future. By scouring ancient stories of conspiracies, we will reveal how we are hard wired to fall prey to all kinds of superstitions.
Fact vs. Fiction
We trust our brains to decide what is true or false every day. Most of the time we generally think we get things right but the truth might be different. Explore how our brains separate fact from fiction.