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WWII Lost Films

WWII Lost Films

This visually stunning landmark series presents the story of the war viewed through the eyes of 12 Americans who fought in or contributed to the war effort. Featuring original, color footage never before seen, the series is narrated by Emmy Award winning actor Gary Sinise (CSI: NY). Using advanced HD technology, thousands of hours of color archival footage was preserved and restored, showing the war as it looked and sounded, with interviews and excerpts from unpublished diaries and journals.

Darkness Falls
By 1940 Europe has erupted into war, while America does its best to stay out of it. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, America finds itself thrust into a two-front war it is ill-prepared to fight.
Hard Way Back
America has joined England in the fight against the Axis whilst the British go up against Rommel's Afrika Korps. Then, Japan captures the Aleutian islands.
Bloody Resolve
By late 1943 America's industrial might is starting to gear up. But when the machines the US Marines were counting on fail them, the war in the Pacific would turn into one of the bloodiest yet waged.
Battle Stations
As 1944 opens, the Allies are feverishly planning for the invasion of France. In the Pacific, the Americans attempt to seize the valuable airfields of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands.
Day Of Days
America is on the offensive, but hopes for a speedy victory are premature. In the Pacific, Japanese civilians are caught up in the battle for Saipan.
Point Of No Return
The war is progressing well on all fronts but the human cost begins to show as our heroes stare death in the face.
Striking Distance
By the fall of 1944 America is ready to liberate the Philippine islands and the POWs who have been stranded there since 1942. In Europe, air raids over Germany intensify as the push continues.
Glory And Guts
The Marine assault on Iwo Jima ends with the iconic flag-raising scene. But up in the air, the desperate dog fights are just as nerve wrecking.
Edge Of The Abyss
Victory at the Battle of the Bulge would see the Allies close in on Germany. In the Pacific, the fighting rages on in Okinawa.
End Game
As the Nazis surrender, the Allies are confronted with the concentration camps. In the Pacific, the brutal battle on Okinawa continues. After the dropping of the atomic bombs, Japan finally surrenders.