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WWI: The First Modern War

WWI: The First Modern War

This is the epic story of how The First World War changed the face of battle forever. This War was a war of "firsts", a transitional war from old style hand-to-hand combat with small guns and fixed bayonets and cavalry charges to high tech weaponry that are still features of present-day armed conflicts. "Firsts" include aerial bombardment of cities, epic tank battles, fight for control of the skies, development of submarines, chemical and bunker warfare. World War I had horrible consequences - 15 million died and 20 million injured. WWI documentaries have traditionally been limited by the archive which was taken by fixed cameras and not during battles. Now the archive can come alive by layering in drama reenactment and composited animated elements (zeppelins, planes, tanks and U-Boats). Battle scenes with actors, using some live ordinance, will be shot.

Armored Beasts
Adapted from an American tractor with caterpillar tracks, tanks were designed in secrecy to break through the trenches and offer protection for troops that were being mowed down by heavy artillery.
Clouds Of Death
British mining and explosive experts planted explosives in a network of tunnels under Messine ridge. When ignited, they created the biggest land mine in history, killing countless German soldiers.
Massive Air Attacks
During WWI, bombs were delivered from giant airships designed by Count Ferdinand, who got his inspiration when he was a Germany Army observer in the US during the Civil War and rode in a hot air balloon.
Underwater Killers
The Atlantic became a killing field as German submarines took on the dominant British Navy. But in their frenzy of attacks, the Germans sinked the US passenger liner Lusitania, killing countless on board.