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The Works

The Works

On locations to deliver the hard facts, The Works takes us through one complex system from soup to nuts. Breaks down the system into its primary components all while looking at the path it took to get the system where it is today. In order to understand these intricate processes we'll have to delve into the way they have worked over time. The end result is a comprehensive map of the whole machine. This journey covers everything from man-on-the street knowledge to behind-the-scenes action you'd never see in a million years. The Works will show you the evolution of these seemingly familiar functions and then will blow you away with the amazing stuff that's going on in the world around you, everyday.

Why People Skydive
How Sneakers Came About
All About Dynamites
The host explores the story of a multi-billion dollar global industry that inspires music and movies, has its own subculture and may represent the next step in human evolution.
The host explores steel, the lightest, toughest and most flexible material on earth. He uncovers the secret behind more than 3,500 types of steel and various applications of the alloy.
The host traces the evolution of power tools since the Egyptians invented them 3,000 years ago. He explores their uses in sports, medicine and arts, and how they can even split hairs.
The host explores how New York City takes trash from various places and dumps it into a landfill park and how dumping has filled the Pacific Ocean with as much trash as the size of California.
Guns And Ammos
The host explores the history of guns and ammunition. He discovers that gunpowder contains urine as a key ingredient, and how guns can be used to send projectiles into the orbit.
From a 5,000- year-old tattooed mummy to the latest in flash tattoo skill, the host explores how tattoos are designed, applied, and where the latest inks and hardware are developed.
The host uncovers the physics, biology and technology behind skydiving. He also explores its various applications, including law enforcement and fire jumping, and what makes it thrilling.
Host Daniel Wilson takes us on an insider exclusive tour of the world of the home robot to which there is a whole other side few have considered.