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Win, Lose Or Fail

Win, Lose Or Fail

Mankind is the most dominant species on earth...but that doesn't mean we've always mastered our environment. Epic Fails will showcase some of the greatest trials and errors of mankind throughout history. Search "How To" videos and over 2 billion results appear. With so many options, how is the average, red-blooded American Googler supposed to make sense of it all? Epic Fails curates the most entertaining and informative "How To" videos on the web so that you don't have to. We'll feature the most entertaining "How To" videos from the darkest reaches of the World Wide Web. By the end of each segment, viewers will learn "How To" actually do the task at hand. But before that happens, they'll encounter crazy characters, epic failures, mind-blowing ingenuity and the untold history of each topic. Whether you're looking to chop down a 287-foot tree with an AR-15 assault rifle, defend yourself against an aggressive bear or start a fire using your own urine, we've got you covered.

Man vs Nature
A diver fights off a great white shark; a lumberjack chainsaws a forest; a man with a knife and a toaster finds out how powerful electricity can be.
How To Be A Man
Experts demonstrate how to throw a punch and a knife, avoid a grizzly bear attack to save one's life and operate heavy equipment with the skills of a surgeon.
Ultimate Man Skills
Experts demonstrate how to be an expert skeet shooter, drive an off-road racer and prevent a thanksgiving turkey from turning into an exploding ball of fire.
Safe And Sound
Learn how to stay safe when a burning car careens out of control and see how a couple on the beach nearly get fried by a bolt of lightning.
Take Charge
A drunk in a bar teases a mascot and gets a face full of fist; a $200,000 sports car plows through raging floodwaters; tenacious moles tear up perfectly manicured lawns in an effort to take charge.
Conquer The Great Outdoors
A car careens into an almost fatal accident; a shepherd tries to use a drone to herd sheep; a hiker lost in the wild must figure out how to signal for rescue, in the hopes to conquer the great outdoors.
Do It Yourself
Explore DIY methods such as using a simple hair care product to fix bashed-in bumpers; diving deep underwater and catching lobsters with bare hands and see how vicious raccoons invade a restaurant.
Life Skills
Experts show how one can jump-start a car with dead battery, how a homemade tourniquet can save a bleeding person's life and how a coconut can help one survive on a deserted island.
Step Outside
A man shows the expertise to save a family from a swarm of bees; a rip current drags a diver deep into an ocean; a skier's body temperature drops 40 degrees below normal after a fall.
Roll Up Your Sleeves
A giant catapult hurls deadly projectiles at enemies hundreds of yards away; a lone woman yanks an enormous catfish out of the deepest recesses of a river cave.
Get Your Hands Dirty
Unsuspecting roofers let out thousands of bats from a roof; a pressure washer destroys the interior of a car; heirlooms from a family truck fall out and crash on the road.
Don't Screw Up
An emergency landing in a forest breaks a plane's wings and tail; A nail gun pierces a nail into a construction worker's wrist; a chef's carelessness causes a barbecue to explode.