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Where Did It Come From?
Sundays 7.05PM SIN/HK

Where Did It Come From?

This series will explore the historical origins of things we use in our everyday life - from modern medicine, from the weapons of mass destruction, from sports stadiums to tools of astrology. Organized by civilization or culture, we will learn how these ancient inventions were developed, why they were developed, and how they've contributed to modern society. Along the way, we will also learn about the life of that civilization or culture.

Ancient China: Drilling And Mining
Michael Guillen travels to China to explore the site of ancient drilling rigs that drilled over 3000 feet and shows how they piped the gas through bamboo pipes to fuel salt evaporation factories.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Monday,23 Oct, 2017 - 08:05
  • Monday,23 Oct, 2017 - 13:35
  • Wednesday,25 Oct, 2017 - 21:50
  • Thursday,26 Oct, 2017 - 03:25
  • Thursday,26 Oct, 2017 - 14:30
Ancient Greece: Weapons Of Mass Destruct
A journey takes place to Greece to examine the ancient origins of weapons of mass destruction like computer-guided nuclear warheads, anthrax and Sarin gas.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Sunday,29 Oct, 2017 - 19:05
  • Monday,30 Oct, 2017 - 01:30
  • Monday,30 Oct, 2017 - 08:05
  • Monday,30 Oct, 2017 - 13:35