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What Went Down

What Went Down

Meticulously rendered in high-definition CGI from the perspective of key witnesses who were in the center of the action, What Went Down details some of history's most tragic and enthralling moments. The series opens with Pearl Harbor and asks if the historical portrayal of the attack on Pearl Harbor as seen in movies is really accurate.

Remember the Alamo' is one of the most famous historical phrases in history. Bill Chemerka, founder of the Alamo Historical Society, helps re-create a view from above that was impossible to see in 1836.
To re-create the tragedy of the Hindenburg, Dr. John Provan takes a team of documentary producers to his home in Germany to show them all things airship for the final re-creation.
San Francisco Earthquake
After numerous interviews with historians and earthquake experts about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the destruction of the City Hall was re-created with the help of technology.
Custer's Last stand
Together with a survivor of the Little Bighorn, Doug Scott, who is acknowledged as one of the premier experts on Custer's Last Stand, wrangles the production team to finally re-create the battle correctly.