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Weird Us

Weird Us

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, Weird U.S. is a deliciously demented weekly tour of offbeat American history. Each episode scours the country in search of the bizarre, the unexplained, the really weird historical stories that never got into the history books.

Roadside Distractions
The hosts explore structures including an outlandish monument dedicated to a man's favourite fruit in Houston, Texas, and a man-made mammoth in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Weird Underworld
The hosts explore an underground escape route built by Napoleon's brother in New Jersey, a cavernous nightclub in Minnesota and the tunnels in Portland that were used for slave trade.
Strange But True
The hosts expose the story of a man who was hung and then turned into wallets in 1833. They then examine the case of people claiming to descend from the American aboriginals.
It's A Wonderful Time To Be Weird
The hosts visit Florida's Kennedy Space Centre to study Santa's gift-delivery system and then discover that a long time ago, Christmas used to be a drunken holiday.
Weird Waters
The hosts visit Lake Champlain, where a creature is said to lurk beneath the waves, and tour to Cape May to search the wrecks of a ship and then investigate the Philadelphia experiment.