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The Warfighters

The Warfighters

The Warfighters picks up where Peter Berg's Afghanistan Navy SEAL film Lone Survivor leaves off. Produced by Berg's company, this anthology series will follow the men of the Special Forces as they reveal their first person accounts of deadly covert missions. They will use high-end cinematic recreations and a docu-scripted narrative to tell these harrowing and heroic stories.

A Battle For Haditha Dam
A group of U.S. Army Rangers fighting to seize control of Haditha Dam are outnumbered by a strong Iraqi force. A young medic must then face his fears in order to save the life of a teammate.
Red Wings Recovery
Afghanistan 2005: A quick reaction force on a mission to recover the remains of a helicopter crash learns that there is a lone survivor they must now rescue.
Ranger Machine
Iraq 2006: A team of U.S. Army Rangers leads a covert operation to take out a group of Al-Qaeda high value targets.
Task Force Merrill
Afghanistan 2010: A team of U.S. Army Rangers sets out on a mission to engage the Taliban and gather intelligence when their unit hits an IED.