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Unsung Heroes Of World War II

Unsung Heroes Of World War II

A short series on the great but rarely heralded individual contributions of particular people during World War II.

Unrecognized, Overshadowed Heroes
The Flag Raisers Of Iwo Jima
Armed with cameras, or sketchpads, military and civilian correspondents crossed the reef with assault forces at Tarawa. Then, AP photographer Joe Rosenthal snaps the famous flag-raising shot at Iwo Jima.
The Spy Who Sparred With Hitler
Meet 23-year-old U.S. spy Peter Tompkins, whose sacrifice and sabotage saved the Anzio beachhead for the Allies.
Rangers In Korea / Panzer Stopper
After WWII, the elite Ranger battalions disappeared due to downsizing of U.S. forces. But when North Korea invaded South Korea, Army Rangers were sent in to penetrate behind North Korean lines.
Marine Raider / Flying Leatherneck
Beneath the WWII marquee were heroes who fought with great valor. One was Colonel Merritt (Red Mike) Edson, commander of an experimental special unit in the Pacific.