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The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved

The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved

This new mini-series on H2 looks in particular into the history and beliefs behind religion that have shaped the universe today. The show unearths alternative suggestions, poses questions and challenges the accepted, to open a whole new world on the history of the universe as we know it. Expect myth busters, science and history as we delve deeper into the unknown on the history of the universe and the religion behind it.

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Roman Engineering
New archaeological evidence suggests that early Roman emperors mastered architecture and astronomy to make the Sun create strange special effects for reasons both political and personal.
Predicting The Future
Many believe that the celestial movement of the Sun, stars and moon gives us the blueprint for life. But is there proof that this system of tracking astronomical phenomena can actually predict our future?
Omens Of Doom
To our ancestors, the appearance of certain astronomical events meant something big and something bad was coming. They were portends of death, plague, famine, or war. But what were they really seeing?
The Eye Of God
Could the strange shapes of the universe solve the mysteries that have haunted mankind since ancient times? Each shape tells its own story of an object's origin and how physical forces shaped the Universe.
Apocalyptic Visions
Hell fires, endless winters, or a planet wracked by earthquakes are Armageddon visualized by the Vikings, Aztecs and our ancient ancestors. But which does modern science think will be closest to the truth?
Alien Worlds
New technologies have revealed thousands of distant planets, opening up the most exciting period in astronomy in decades. We're on the verge of answering the ancient question: are we alone in the universe?
The Great Pyramids of Giza remain one of the enduring wonders of the ancient world. These mesmerizing monuments have eluded astronomers and archeologists for centuries. Why and how were they built?
Heavenly Destruction
Sodom and Gomorrah--a terrifying Biblical tale of two cities incinerated by a hail of fire and brimstone. Could an asteroid be responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?
Star Of Bethlehem
What was the astronomical reality behind the star that guided the Magi to the young Jesus? Recent theories suggest that the 'star' was Jupiter in a series of conjunctions with stars and constellations.