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United Stats Of America

United Stats Of America

Numbers tell amazing stories. Every second we record raw stats on everything from the calories we eat to the energy we use, from the number of texts we send to the amount of crime in our neighborhoods. Life as we know it can be boiled down to digits. UNITED STATS OF AMERICA is a new series that crunches all this data and uncovers the surprising facts and amazing stories about the way we live.

H2 - United Stats Of America
Size Matters
The series kicks off with a look at the changing size and shape of an Average American. When and why did the Americans stop getting taller and start getting wider?
Time Flies
Would you believe that we are spending nine years and nine months of our lives on the sofa and five years on the Internet? This episode explores our free time; where it goes and how to make more of it.
Livin' Large
One third of Americans hoard so much 'stuff' that they can't even fit their cars into their garage. How does the size of our homes and the stuff we fill them with change the landscape of our country?
Money Talks
Would you believe that today the average American male makes four times what we made a hundred years ago? Take a look at who earns what, who's better off, how that's changed, and what it buys us all?
Moving On
Would you believe that a nation with 3.5 million square miles of territory, 99 percent of us are crowded into only 8 percent of the land! How did that happen? This episode looks at where we live and why.
Stayin' Alive
In this episode we look at what kills us and why and we're on the hunt for our number one killer. What is most likely to kill us? The answer is so surprising it just might kill you.