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UFO Files

UFO Files

Investigate the facts and myths surrounding UFO sightings in every corner of the world. Examine evidence and eyewitness accounts and explore the mystery of what happened or what didn't happen. Find out why so many people around the world believe that we have neighbors, and that they have come knocking on our door. Episodes include Black Box UFO Secrets and The Pacific Bermuda Triangle.

China's Roswell
The Ancient Gods
What If one day...
Alien Engineering Part 1
Discover why aliens choose the craft shapes they do, learn how they overcome the effects of Earth's atmosphere, defy gravity, cancel inertia, and travel faster than the speed of light.
Alien Engineering Part 2
Many of these 'science fiction' devises are based on science. And many have human-designed counterparts right here on Earth. Super-powerful laser weapons can also be found on our own prototype weapons.
Real UFOs
This episode looks at top secret flying saucer designs of the Air Force, with specific dates, times and locales of flights that may point to the real explanation behind the many UFO sightings.
Cattle Mutilations
Watch an actual field investigation unfold as we delve into the history of the cattle mutilation phenomenon and its connection to UFOs.
China's Roswell
Legends from China tell of mysterious stone discs, known as 'The Dropa Stones'. Discovered in a cave, each disc is said to contain the historical record of an alien race that crash-landed in China.
Canada's Roswell
Could Canada have a UFO case with a paper trail? Some claim to have seen and heard the UFO plunge into the water but after a full government inquiry, authorities claimed not a trace of anything suspicious.
Alien Encounters
In 1971, a UFO is spotted, leaving damage to the plants and a glowing ring on the ground. The luminous circle continues to exhibit odd effects for several years and even causes numbness when touched.
Texas' Roswell
In 1897, the crash of a mysterious airship rocked the small town of Aurora. Eyewitness accounts of the crash, mysterious metal found at the site are combined into a story that has the debunkers baffled.
Britain's Roswell
December 1980. An Air Force personnel stationed in England witness strange lights in the sky. On the 25th, after the servicemen spot a glowing object, they investigate and come upon a metallic craft.
Brazil's Roswell
For 2 months, a luminous object hovering about 15 feet over the water at Brazilian island of Colares in the Amazon delta.Witnesses report they felt as if blood had been sucked from them by the rays.
Hangar 18: UFO Warehouse
UFO Files unearthed stories involving elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees, some of whom are going on the record regarding Hangar 18 for the first time on television.
Russian Roswell
Welcome to the remote, top-secret military base Kapustin Yar, the Soviet 'Area 51' - where the wreckage from no fewer than eight UFO crash incidents were transported and studied between 1945 and '91.
Sightings Of The 70's
Delphos, Kansas a 16 year old boy bears witness to a UFO and its mysterious vapor trail. We bounce from one sighting to the next, and then to the most famous crash of all intergalactic crashes: Roswell.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Sunday,23 Sep, 2018 - 09:00
  • Sunday,23 Sep, 2018 - 17:15
Mexico's Roswell
August 24, 1974 U.S. Air Defense radar tracked an object that traveled 500 miles to Coyame. The object disappeared from radar, U.S. and Mexican authorities scrambled to get to the crash site.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Sunday,30 Sep, 2018 - 09:00
  • Sunday,30 Sep, 2018 - 17:15
Beyond The War Of The Worlds
Beginning with its literary origins, we trace the path of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds from its riveting magazine serial through the panic broadcast of 1938, and then to major motion pictures.
The Gray's Agenda
According to ufologists, the Grays--beings from another world--abduct humans, implant devices, and conduct reproductive experiments. We see their images in every media. What do they want?