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Two Degrees: The Point Of No Return
Saturday 6.40PM SIN/HK

Two Degrees: The Point Of No Return

As the Earth's average temperature rises each year, experts warn that we are nearing a fatal tipping point, 2 degrees Celsius above the norm, that will set into motion a cascade of natural disasters that will devastate America and the world. From raging fires to epic superstorms, volcanic blasts and rising seas, will human existence be pushed to the brink?

Two Degrees: The Point Of No Return
Experts warn that the current rise in average temperature may reach a tipping point, two degrees above normal, engendering a series disasters that may wipe out the entire human species.
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  • Saturday,24 Mar, 2018 - 18:40
  • Sunday,25 Mar, 2018 - 12:40
  • Monday,26 Mar, 2018 - 20:55
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