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Meet Bob. Bob builds things. Since Bob could walk and talk he has successfully created some pretty wacky inventions. A sample of Bob's creations: a tagging briefcase, a life-size Swedish marble game and a machine that shoots paper airplanes. In order to get inspired for new challenges, our mad scientist will take to the streets to find out what inventions average Americans want. Then he'll go to work. Through trial and error and the joy of problem-solving, Bob will design and build his next great invention, weaving in core history and science along the way.

H2 - Thingamabob
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Meet Bob. Since Bob could walk and talk, he has successfully created some wacky inventions. Through trial and error, Bob will design and build his next great invention, weaving in history and science.
Pizza Guillotine
Bob attempts to build something really cool using a print brayer. A pair of suspenders are used to charge an everyday item. And Bob uses a boat helm to slice pizzas. But will these contraptions work?
Bob builds a machine to help smokers light their stogies, uses the BBQ sauce in a machine for a new restaurant that needs a real BANG! and finally uses the block and tackle to free up space in Bob's shop.
Chair Pants
Bob creates something, making baseball fans happy. He also tries to invent something to help a tired concession stand worker get off his feet. And using a pair of scales, Bob creates something for himself.
Tuba Keg
In this episode Bob takes the sousaphone to a Bavarian Beer Hall where he builds something that channels the German traditions of good music and great beer.
S'mores Machine
In this episode Bob stumbles across a neighborhood block party and builds an invention that leaves everyone yelling for s'more.
Beer Slider
Morse code telegraph key, the phonograph and a roll of tape. Telegraph keys were made to deliver messages but Bob uses his to deliver beer. Then, Bob puts the phonograph and tape to good use.
Violin Doorbell
A violin, a compass and a Bunsen Burner. Bob decides to make an invention that helps a waiter deal with a crumby situation. And later Bob builds a one of a kind doorbell for a new music shop.
Tent Slinger
Bob turns into a short-order inventor when he hashes out a new invention for a local diner with an air rifle. Then he uses a bag of sugar and a tent to create an automatic campsite.
Paper Airplane Catapult
Bob makes an invention for a Coney Island deli, and Bob's love of well-sliced pickles. And later Bob builds something to launch the first plane in 40 years off of the USS Intrepid.