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The Tech Effect

The Tech Effect

THE TECH EFFECT takes a look at a critical moment in history and tells the story of all the technology and people that made the outcome possible. Whether it's a soldier in the Gulf War who takes a bullet to his body armor and lives, a fingerprint lifted from a famous crime scene that solves a murder, or a high-speed car chase ends in a crash and the driver walks away, THE TECH EFFECT looks these critical moments, where technology made the difference.

Pennsylvania Mining Disaster
Examine the Quecreek Mine rescue in July 2002 in Pennsylvania in which nine miners, trapped 230 feet below the surface for over 77 hours, were saved because of technology.
Examine the technology that led to the dropping of an atomic bomb on Japan's Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and how the US scientists and government executed 'The Manhattan Project' secretly.
Washington Crossing The Delaware
Examine the technology available to General George Washington in 1776 when he made a bold decision that ended up becoming a turning point in the American Revolution.
The Downing Of Gary Powers
Examine the many technologies needed for a surface-to-air missile, pressurized flight suits, specialized fuel and high-tech spy cameras of the U-2 spy plane.
Pearl Harbor
After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the US pools all its resources into innovating new technologies and mass-producing current ones, finally emerging as the world's leading superpower.
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
Examine the technology that brought gangster Al Capone to his knees, like the speed graphic camera that pictured the bloody aftermath of the St Valentine's Day Massacre.
Apollo 11
Explore the remarkable technological advancements of the 1960s which culminated in the extraordinary lunar landing of Neil Armstrong in July 1969 as part of the Apollo 11 spaceflight.
Hollywood Bank Shootout
Examine the technology of three AK-47s, an M16, an HK 91 sniper rifle, two handguns, and 3,000 rounds of ammo that were used in a robbery a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, California.