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Smartest Guy In The Room

Smartest Guy In The Room

Terry, Randy and Guy may seem like average Joes, but their 140+ IQs set them apart. They see the world through a different lens, where everyday scenarios become problems to solve and puzzles to decipher. However, you won’t find these in a lab or a think tank.
When it comes to work, they're happier blending in with the rest of us.

Blue-collar geniuses like them are right under our noses. They're the people in your neighborhood who have all the answers, or the ingenuity to figure things out. And when it comes to smarts, they're also extremely competitive. Put them together and it's not long before a battle of wits breaks out to prove who is the Smartest Guy in the Room.

This isn't a trivia contest about useless knowledge; in this game, book learning isn't enough to win. The tasks may seem simple, but they each come with an ingenious hands-on twist that will truly separate the geniuses from the masterminds.

There Can Be Only One
How To Chute The Breeze
Blue collar geniuses compete in challenges designed to outsmart each other. Terry challenges the guys to parachute a watermelon from 100 ft without breaking it, and to cook a hot dog without using fire.
How To Be A Ballbuster
Terry must count more than 1,000 baseballs in an hour or less; then build a pyramid based on a complex equation.
How To Launch A Rocket
Guy must build and launch a rocket without using combustion.
How To Know When To Fold 'Em
Guy deploys a secret weapon in his bid to stump the others in a paper airplane engineering challenge.
How To Face The Music
The geniuses try to prove their smarts by decoding Guy's gauntlet of pattern puzzles.
How To Have The Last Word
Terry and Guy battle the elements in Randy's big word challenge, and test their engineering skills in a bridge build-off.
How To Stack The Deck
To stump the guys, Terry super-sizes a classic logic puzzle and miniaturizes an ancient weapon to catapult himself to a win.
How To Get On The Fast Track
The guys get fast in the season finale's race car challenge, and Terry brings in a ringer to help him claim the title.