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Want to discover the secret inner workings of the world around you? The truth is just a slice away. From coin-operated machines and toys to armored cars and gas stations, the everyday objects that fill our lives hold secrets just waiting to be answered. Our host will grab hold of the world's toughest power tools to literally slice each object in half, uncovering its inner mechanics and fascinating history. We reveal the surprising things that make our world tick, as we slice deep into the unseen world all around us.

The Perfect Slice
Coin Operated
Coin-operated games have been around for over a century. John dissects a pinball machine, a slot machine and a pool table. He'll find out if it's still possible to cheat games.
Armored Vehicle
John puts an armored van to the test with guns and explosives. If it passes, he'll slice through its surface to uncover why these vehicles are so good at keeping people alive.
Confidential Kitchen
In this episode, John unveils the insides of refrigerators, stoves, and a garbage disposal. He's slicing and dicing to find the secrets of our hottest, coldest, and most dangerous kitchen machines.
They may seem childlike on the outside, but what's on the inside of toys will surprise kids of all ages. John takes apart our favorite childhood icons to discover the secrets inside the toys we know.
Power Tools
Today's power tools are complex machines built to work faster, cut through anything, and lift the heaviest loads. John will put them to the test, to find out which tools are up to the challenge.
Bathroom Disaster
The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in your home. To discover the dirty secrets hidden inside your bathroom, John's cutting into toilets, hairdryers and a shower.
Fire Truck
Fire fighting has come a long way since the bucket brigade. To answer your burning questions about fire trucks, John is slicing up the loudest sirens and the strongest water pumps.
John's stepping behind the bar at his local watering hole to dissect beer taps, shred a jukebox, and carve up a mechanical bull - all to find out what lies within.
Since golf appeared over 600 years ago, golfers have searched for techniques to improve their game. From golf balls to clubs, John's out to discover the secrets to staying out of the rough.
Spy Car
John had a custom spy car built, loaded with secret spy-tech straight from a Hollywood movie. And he is going to cut into this car to find out if a flamethrower, smokescreen, and stealth mode are for real.
Vending Machines
Today, there's a vending machine for almost everything from packed snacks to home made ice cream. John cuts behind the face to reveal how these once simple machines are simple no longer.
Garbage Truck
American cities began collecting trash over 200 years ago. But the compacting garbage truck opened the door to widespread waste management. How much can it hold? And can a garbage truck really be clean?
Bowling Alley
Humans have been bowling for over 5000 years. To discover the secrets at the end of this dark alley, John's slicing up bowling balls, and the mysterious pinsetter.
Bank Heist
Every year, there are nearly 10,000 bank robberies and more than 1.5 million home burglaries in the United States. But how hard is it to break in?
All Terrain
In 1909, the first off-road vehicles crawled across snow-bound roads in Russia. To find out what they're capable of, John's putting the pedal to the metal on a Jet Ski, an ATV, and a racing motorcycle.
Electricity became widely available across the United States. What are the secrets to dazzling images, faster photos and bigger sound? John's slicing up televisions, stereos, and camera to seek the truths.
Gas Station
How safe are gas stations, and the tankers that deliver gasoline? Get to the bottom of this mystery by slicing open a gas station pump, a dispenser nozzle, and a fully loaded gasoline tanker.