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Shot From The Sky

Shot From The Sky

On June 14, 1944, pilot Roy Allen and the 10-man crew of his B-17 embarked on a mission over Nazi-occupied France that was supposed to be a milk run. Instead, it proved more dangerous than anything they ever imagined. Blasted by flak, Roy was forced to parachute into France. Trapped behind enemy lines, a 21-year-old schoolteacher-- French Resistance patriot Colette Florin--saved his life. On his way back to England, a traitor within the Resistance betrayed Roy. Captured by the Gestapo, tortured, imprisoned and labeled a terrorist by the Nazis, he became one of 168 Allied airmen who shipped across Europe on a nightmare rail journey to Buchenwald Concentration Camp. In the heart of the Nazi empire, the only thing that kept them alive was each other. It's a human story of courage and loss, determination and sacrifice by ordinary people whose lives were profoundly altered by war.

Shot From The Sky
Historians, re-enactments and archival documents reveal the story of Roy Allen, an American bomber pilot during WWII, who was eventually dispatched to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.
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