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Sometimes, they took minutes. Others, several hours. Each engagement was a battle of wits - strategies - technology, and luck. Each episode of Shootout! examines a famous shootout in history - from both sides of the fight. The series will examine the personalities, the weapons, the firepower, and the leadership needed to defeat the enemy.

Iwo Jima: Fight To The Death
The Battle of Iwo Jima is best known for the famous flag-raising photograph taken on Mt. Suribachi. Just before the photo was snapped, there was a bloody shootout on the mountain crest.
Okinawa: The Last Battle Of WWII
It was the last battle before the bombs and the final stepping stone on the warpath to Japan. Examine the strategy and firepower of this battle using unique visual graphics and eyewitness testimony.
Raid On Bataan Death Camp
After three hellish years, the American military makes a triumphant return to the Philippines and the elite Army Rangers are sent on a secret mission to liberate Allied prisoners still languishing behind.
The Big Red One
From North Africa to Europe, The First Infantry Division, a.k.a. Big Red One, fought more campaigns than other U.S. divisions in WWII. They earn the reputation as the best division in the U.S. Army.
Afghanistan's Deadliest Snipers
For five years, U.S. Servicemen and their allies link up with pre-Taliban-era statesman and orchestrate a bombing campaign that forces the Taliban to surrender Kandahar and escape into the hills.
Return To Fallujah
It was the ultimate battle zone. High tech and no holds barred. As six armoured columns of US Marines push into Fallujah, little did they know that this would be the bloodiest battle in Iraq.
Swat Team Shootouts
Follow SWAT as they plan to rescue hostages held at gunpoint in a bar and track their strategy as they get ready to lay siege to an electronics store held captive by four armed men.
Iraq's Ambush Alley
A 1200-man battalion of U.S. Marines closes in on the Iraqi city of An Nasiriyah. Its mission: seize two bridges and hold them open so another convoy of Marines can roll through on its way to Baghdad.
World War II: The Pacific
Shootout takes us into the middle of a daring raid on the Makin Atoll... two dozen Marines against hundreds of Japanese on Peleliu... and a single rifleman who held off two companies in the Philippines.
Tet Offensive
January 31, 1968, North Vietnamese communist troops launched a surprise attack across South Vietnam. A rare instance when Vietcong guerrillas and North Vietnamese Army regulars fight Americans toe-to-toe.
World War II Assault On Germany
This episode recounts and reenacts the experiences of US soldiers who participated in one of WWII's greatest military campaigns.
Battle For Baghdad
For 21 days in the spring of 2003, U.S. soldiers and Marines race to seize Baghdad as quickly as possible. But it won't be easy, there's a tenacious force of guerrilla fighters eager to stop them.
Battlecry Iraq: Ramadi
A clash between the US Marines and Iraq's most wanted is featured in this episode of Shootout!
D-Day Fallujah
Fallujah, Iraq - Al Qaeda and Islamic radicals have congregated here to resist the U.S. occupation.On November 8th, six battalions of U.S. soldiers and Marines will storm the city to kill the insurgents.
Hunt For Bin Laden
Follow the U.S. troops as they continue to fight and die as they pursue Osama bin Laden, battle with Al Qaeda, and destroy the last remnants of the Taliban regime.