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The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy

In an exciting miniseries, The Royal Navy explores the dramatic rise and decline of English naval power, host Prince Andrew, Duke of York, examines Britannia's rule of the seas for several centuries.
Form is creation under the orders of King Henry VII, with ships such as the Great Harry and Mary Rose, to the sinking of the Argentine cruiser, Belgrano, by a British nuclear submarine.

The Kings' Ships
Witness creation of a Royal Navy under orders of King Henry VIII, the revolutionary innovations of John Hawkins' race-built Galleons, and the climatic showdown with Spain's Invincible Armada in 1588.
England's Wooden Walls
During three 17th-century wars against a powerful Dutch fleet, the Royal Navy's war efforts are aided by the Admiralty, and by codification of naval tactics in 'The Fighting Instructions'.
Steam, Steel & Dreadnoughts
The 19th century proved a time of unchallenged mastery for the Royal Navy, with technical innovations developing at an unprecedented rate--iron and steel replaces wood and sails give way to steam power.
The Sun Never Sets
As WWII begins, England stands alone, paying the price of treaty limitations that allowed Germany and Japan to secretly build more powerful ships.