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Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire

Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire

Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire is a dramatic new series following the greatest and most notorious characters throughout the history of Rome, and the so-called barbarians who brought about the Empire's end. The First Barbarian War charts the tumultuous period of the Cimbri invasion of 113BC and the great transformation that the Roman Republic was forced to undergo.

The First Barbarian War
113BC. Rome is a small empire that clings to the rim of the Mediterranean. After several disastrous defeats, the Roman elite are forced to turn to a commoner, Marius, to shake up the army and save Rome!
As Rome was busy expanding her borders, a Thracian warrior, Spartacus was to lead a 70,000-strong slave revolt within Italy that could destroy the Republic.
Julius Caesar
It is 60BC. Over-powerful generals and money corrupt the Roman Republic and with Rome falling into and out of civil wars, Julius Caesar is to defy all rivals and laws to make himself dictator for life!
The Forest Of Death
As General Varus led three legions into the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD, little did he expect one of the worst defeats in Roman history.
The Invasion Of Britain
It is 47AD. Considered by many as a fool, the new emperor Claudius attempts to gain prestige through the conquest of Britain.
Dacian Wars
After the fall of the unpopular Domitian, the new emperor Trajan quashes the Germanic tribes and extends Rome to its zenith.
Rebellion And Betrayal
It is 162AD. Marcus Aurelius inherits an empire at its peak. Peace and prosperity have reigned for a hundred years. But after prolonged warfare, his death leaves Rome in a state of peril.
Wrath Of The Gods
In the 3rd century, Rome is in crisis. Ravaged by civil war and foreign invasions it now faces an even greater challenge, the new religion of Christianity.
The Soldiers Emperor
Nearing the end of the third century and torn apart by civil war, the fate of Rome rested on Aurelian, who defeated the barbarians and reunited the empire.
Constantine The Great
As emperor of Spain, internal rivalries end when Constantine defeats his enemies, sets up a new capital in the East and legitimizes Christianity.
The Barbarian General
Half Vandal, half Roman, Stilicho was the de facto leader of Rome after Emperor Theodosius' death and only he can save Rome.
The Puppet Master
In 450 AD, Rome is a mere shadow of its former self. Gone is the superior civilization and great expanses of land. As a barbarian, Ricimer could not become Emperor. Yet he held all the power.
The Last Emperor
Schooled in the tactics of Attila the Hun, Emperor Orestes makes a final desperate bid to save Rome from inevitable destruction.