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Return To Roanoke: Search For The Seven

Return To Roanoke: Search For The Seven

The search for the Lost Colony has been intensifying since our first film aired. The investigation Fred Willard and the Vieira brothers undertook has sparked the public imagination surrounding the mystery. As reported in the Wall Street Journal in January 2016, Brenau University has reopened their investigation into the Lost Colony and moved the first Dare Stone from a janitorial closet to the Office of the President, where it's kept behind two security walls. Brenau's President, Dr. Edward Schrader, is now personally invested in confirming the authenticity of the first stone, and he's assembling a team of leading scholars at the Smithsonian and at Duke and Oxford universities. A geologist by trade, Dr. Schrader is convinced that the stone is almost certainly authentic, and that the textual analysis the Vieira brothers and Dr. Kevin Quarmby brought to bear on the stone has moved the search for the Lost Colony forward

What Happened to the Lost Colony?
Return To Roanoke: Search For The Seven
Jim and Bill Vieira study the engravings on the puzzling Dare Stone and the hints left behind by Captain John Smith of Jamestown in order to reveal the site of the key American Lost Colony of Roanoke.
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  • Saturday,23 Jun, 2018 - 20:55
  • Sunday,24 Jun, 2018 - 12:40
  • Monday,25 Jun, 2018 - 20:55
  • Tuesday,26 Jun, 2018 - 04:20