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Photo Face-Off

Photo Face-Off

Asia’s Number One photography showdown is back with a fresh format, a brand new bunch of eager amateur contestants and another 15 dastardly photo challenges designed to test even the most ardent snapper. Hosted by Asia’s own Kelly Latimer, Photo Face-Off Season 3 – Presented by Canon PhotoMarathon also features a welcome return to the screen for the pro photographer that everyone loves to beat: Justin Mott.

Across 5 one-hour episodes’ viewers will be treated to a whirlwind tour around some of the region’s most exotic locales as the show pits three local amateurs from each country against each other, and of course Justin, in a bid to grab the single spot available in the season’s Grand Finale in Vietnam.

Traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok to Yogyakarta each episode will feature three decidedly difficult photo challenges - Speed, Theme and Face-Off - all designed to push the contestant’s skill, knowledge and creativity to the limit.

The Grand Finale, in the stunning city of Da Nang will see 4 ‘Champion of Champions’ and a very special Vietnamese ‘wild-card’ snapping and scrapping it out in one final ‘Face-Off’ for a chance to win exclusive Canon prizes and the crown of Photo Face Off Champion – Season 3.

Putting the snap back into photography – Asia’s leading photo-competition show returns…sharper and more colorful than ever before!

For more videos and pictures, please visit http://www.historyasia.com/photofaceoff

Photo Face-Off blows into Bangkok to challenge three Thai amateurs: Charlie, Tan and Ben to the ultimate photography challenge. Hosted by Kelly Latimer and resident pro Justin Mott.
Photo Face-Off hits Malaysia for an ice-cold skating challenge, a high-flying wildlife shoot and a final Face-Off at Puteri Harbor. Join hosts Kelly and Justin as they put the snap back into photography.
Three amateur photographers compete to become the Photo Face-Off Singapore champion and earn the chance to battle resident pro Justin Mott in a final challenge at the spectacular National Stadium.
Join hosts Kelly Latimer and Justin Mott for the Indonesia leg of Photo Face-Off Season 3. Jet-setting into Yogjakarta three of Indonesia's finest amateurs get put through their photographic paces.
Photo Face-Off finds a fitting finale in Vietnam. Join hosts Kelly and Justin as they put five of Asia's finest amateurs through a final, forensic photo examination and crown the Season 3 Champion.