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Patton 360

Patton 360

Follow the paths of George S. Patton in Combat Thursday's Patton 360. With a mix of CGI battle scenes, interviews with historians and men who fought under him, uncover the strategic of one of America’s most famous generals. Blood & Guts follows the US Army's first move on the road to Germany by invading North Africa on November 8th, 1942.

Blood & Guts
The program begins with the first showdown between US and German forces at Kasserine Pass in 1943. Then back at the initial landings in 1942, Pro-Nazi French forces put up surprisingly strong resistance.
Rommel's Last Stand
After the Germans deliver a stinging defeat to the American forces at Kasserine Pass, Patton whips the poorly-trained troops into shape, leading them to victory at the Battle of El Guettar.
Baptism Of Blood
Operation Husky, the combined marine and airborne assault, is the largest invasion of the war. Despite a surprise counter-attack by Italians, Patton successfully holds the beaches and prepares to invade.
Rogue General
Frustrated by the slow progress of his British allies, Patton ignores his orders to stay by their side and instead pushes on toward Palermo, capturing the Sicilian capital on July 22nd.
American Blitzkrieg
Preceded by a massive carpet-bombing attack by Allied bombers, American armored forces blast through the German lines. Patton is finally able to lead the lightning-fast armored assaults he is famous for.
Leading The Charge
After crossing the Seine river, Patton's men engage in heavy street fighting in the city of Troyes and by the end of August they advance to within 60 miles of the German border.
On Hitler's Doorstep
Despite fuel and ammunition delays, Patton invades the province of Lorraine, hoping to cross into Germany before Christmas. But delays from the fuel shortages have given the Germans time to regroup.
Siege Warfare
The slow but brutal slug-fest in Lorraine continues as Patton orders his men to take the heavily fortified city of Metz. Ammo supplies run so low that Patton's men resort to using captured German shells.
Battle Of The Bulge
As Patton's men prepare to cross the Rhine River into Germany, other American units in Belgium are completely shattered by a German counterattack, kicking off the Battle of the Bulge.
Crushing The Third Reich
On April 11th Patton and his men witness the horrors of Nazi Germans when they liberate the death camp. The Third Reich finally collapses on May 8th, 1945 but Patton dies before the year is over.