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Nostradamus Effect

Nostradamus Effect

The Nostradamus Effect presents the most chilling prophecies generated over time by closely examining today's global events and relating them back to a particular prophecy. A broad range of experts will deconstruct the prophecies of Nostradamus, others contained in the bible, within mythology, hieroglyphs and other ancient texts to identify remarkable correlations between today's unfolding events and a particular prediction. Science will be used to provide evidence supporting the possible association between these prophecies and corresponding future scenarios.

The Third Antichrist?
The experts search the writings of Nostradamus, who is claimed to have rightly predicted the arrival of three Antichrists, two of whom were Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Hitler's Blood Oath
Experts examine how Hitler manipulate the work of renowned seers to anoint himself as a messiah of Germany and whether his own imagination has become a reality.
The Apocalypse Code
Several of Isaac Newton's recently publicised papers, reveal his obsession with alchemy and Biblical prophecy. Sources state that he predicted the new date of the Aplocalypse.
The Rapture
The experts examine the claims about the Rapture, an event foreseen by Apostle Paul, where a floodgate of horrors will be opened on those who are left behind.
Satan's Army
Less than 100 years after the birth of Christ, John the Apostle received a terrifying vision of Satan's final war against God. Experts say that the stage for Satan's rampage has been set.
Secrets Of The Seven Seals
The final chapters of the New Testament describe mankind's end of days, a seven-year period of death and destruction. Experts analyse and these prophecies and explain them.
Doomsday Hieroglyphs
Experts analyse various prophecies and architectural clues, including those in the Pyramids of Egypt, that hint an impending destruction of the world, the doomsday.
Fatima's Lost Prophecy
The film-maker examines the claims about Fatima, a girl from Portugal, who, as sources say, had a vision of an angel holding a flaming sword and setting the world on fire.
Armageddon Battle Plan
Researchers explore the writings of the ancient scrolls that were discovered in desert caves near the Dead Sea in 1947 and reveal an apocalyptic war in future.
Extinction: 2012
Experts examine the details of an elaborate astronomical calendar called the Long Count, made by the Maya, an ancient South American culture that predicted the world's end.
Da Vinci's Armageddon
Experts examine the clues hidden in Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, his rediscovered prophetic riddles and the possibility of Nostradamus's influence on him.
Son Of Nostradamus
The film-maker shares information on a secret manuscript in the Vatican Library credited to Michel de Nostradamus and rumoured to have been authored by his eldest son, Cesar.