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Monument Guys

Monument Guys

Some people make history with their actions, and some people make it with molten bronze. At the Crucible Foundry in Norman Oklahoma, brothers Mark and Steve Palmerton, and sculptor Craig Campbell, research, sculpt, and cast bronze statues of deserving heroes¿dead and alive, celebrated and forgotten. In small towns across America, these monuments ensure a legacy that will last for thousands of years, and the crew at the Crucible will go to any means to make sure they're done right. This show follows the brothers as they research, design and mount new projects, and restore those in need of a facelift. Every statue allows them to dive into the history of their subject, peeling back the layers to uncover surprising and insightful historical details that will bring authenticity to their subjects. And they have to use their knowledge of history to get every detail right.

Tesla And The Unbreakable Glass
Craig is commissioned by a private collector to create a six-foot monument to Hugh Glass, a 19th century mountain man who was mauled by a grizzly, and managed to crawl two hundred miles to safety.
Air, Sea And Bronze
Craig digs into the history of piracy to sculpt a Blackbeard monument for a high school's 100th anniversary while Mark and Steve craft a monument to a forgotten hero, the legendary aviator, Wiley Post.
The Battlefield Cross
Craig has a close encounter with snakes while crafting a bust of Medusa. And Steve creates a Battlefield Cross monument to honor his son and other fallen soldiers.
Metal Of Honor
Craig pays tribute to Medal of Honor winner whose heroism in Vietnam included an encounter with a wild tiger, and the team creates a life-sized bust of Houdini, complete with its own hidden secret.
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Craig makes a space-age statue of astronaut Tom Stafford, the fastest man who ever lived. Mark and Steve get an artillery lesson while researching a Harry Truman statue.