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Million Dollar Genius

Million Dollar Genius

Every episode of this hour long show features first person accounts of the inspiration, creation and the financial windfall behind some of the biggest selling products in modern history. From the Java Jacket to Crocs, the Headblade to Under Armour, My Million Dollar Idea (WT) is a celebration of the individuals who dreamed up solutions to everyday problems and the technology and innovation that they used to achieve their version of the American Dream

Too Hot To Handle
Million Dollar Genius tells the stories of people who have turned their flashes of genius into big money. This episode features a cardboard sleeve for hot coffee cups, a whistle, and the head razor.
Couch Potato King
This episode features: the Xhose - the world's first collapsible hose, the TRX Suspension Trainer, and The Slanket--a blanket with sleeves.
Barbecue Bonanza
This episode features the world's first barbeque grill cleaning robot the Grillbot, the first attachable photo lens for the iPhone, and the Rollerblades.
Selfie Made Man
This episode features the world's first 'selfie stick' known as the Quik Pod, a piece of exercise equipment known as the BOSU Ball, and one of the most successful construction toys called K'NEX.
All Tied Up
This episode features three amazing stories: Ryan Grepper who invented the ultimate cooler, Dan Martinson who created the Gear Ties, and David Hon who designed a folding bicycle.
Grilling Genius
Meet Michael Boehm who invented The George Foreman Grill, Patrick Buckley who created an old-fashioned case for iPad and named it the DODOcase, and Wim Ouboter who invented the Micro Scooter.
Donut Destiny
This episode features these amazing stories: Dominique Ansel who created the Cronut, Seth Tibbott who developed the Tofurkey, Rick Pescovitz who invented a pop-up shelter.
Bigger Is Better
This week we look at the million-dollar inventions of large sized glasses, sunglasses for dogs, a ball that continuously bounced across the surface of water, and massage chairs.
The Wheel Deal
Meet Bob who invented carry-on bag with wheels, Travis who invented a simple device that would make it easy for anyone to learn how to play Guitar, and Mike who came up with a fork and knife combo.
Bottoms Up
This episode features a dispenser that fills from the bottom, an adhesive strip that helps people breathe easier and get the sleep they need, and a folding portable bike helmet.