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Mega Movers

Mega Movers

In Mega Movers, we'll follow the relocation of the biggest, heaviest and least mobile historic structures imaginable. We'll see the crucial planning process-how the movers measure size, weight, weather, traffic and clearance-knowing that a one inch mistake can mean disaster. We'll hold our breath during the chilling first lift, as the creaks, cracks and groans signal the hoisting of an 800 ton building onto some 20 sets of dollies. We'll follow the dangerous journey, navigating over narrow bridges, avoiding power lines, turning sharp corners, all the while hoping the structures don't break apart. Always adding to the challenge is Mother Nature, who likes to throw surprises-like spring mud, summer thunderstorms, floods and hurricanes.

Mega Movers Teaser
Mega Movers Teaser
Mega Movers Sneak Peek
Tall Structures
From the obelisks to the Petronas Towers, those that dare try to move these tall structures face almost certain defeat. Yet despite the risks, Mega Movers prove that it can be done.
Really Big Bridges
Experts show us how Golden Gate Bridge can be relocated. And in Rhode Island Mega Movers are challenged when they have to haul the world's widest network-arched bridge 15 miles up river and set in place.
Lock, Stock, & Barrel
Two thriving businesses, a general store and a funeral home, must be moved with all its contents inside. Will it be celebration or sorrow for the owners who put their trust in Mega Movers?
Ancient Mystery Moves
Ancient structures are miracles of engineering. Scientists and engineers set out to solve the mysteries of how primitive Mega Movers pushed the limits of ingenuity and pulled off the impossible.
Sinking A Ship
Ships are sunk for different reasons - scuttled to keep out of the hands of enemy forces, or decommissioned and transformed into artificial reefs. One mistake and it can become an ecological nightmare.
Moving An Airport
The Denver International Airport by land size is the largest airport in US. Using the most heavy-lift equipment, the site of its enormous Landside Terminal cruising through the airport is a miracle.
Sub Salvage
Mega Movers pull off something that's never been done - rescue survivors trapped inside a submarine 243 feet down on the seabed and then recover the sub itself.
Army Mega Moves
At D-Day, the battle turned on the work of military Mega Movers who built harbors. It's not only on the battlefield where the military has earned their Mega Mover stripes but also during times of crisis.
Ships On Land
When in 1453 an Ottoman sultan moved his fleet of 100 warships overland, the Queen Mary would be the largest ship ever hauled across land, pushing the limits of machines and Mega Movers' ingenuity.
Giant Oil Equipment
Imagine trying to move a 475,000 pound structure from Texas to Minnesota. The only way to do it: lift it by crane, load it onto a barge and float it up the mighty Mississippi River.