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Mankind The Story Of All Of Us

Mankind The Story Of All Of Us

Mankind The Story of All of Us is about the greatest adventure of all time—the history of the human race.
It takes 10 billion years for the ideal planet to form and 3 billion more for the right conditions to emerge before it finally happens: mankind begins. From there unfolds a fast-paced story told here through key turning points — stepping stones in our journey from hunter-gatherer to global citizen. It’s a tale of connections — why some ideas take hold and spread around the globe, and how the lives of people in one part of the world are shaped by events in another.
Episodes covered throughout the series include the ice age, the advent of farming, the sacking of Rome, the discovery of the New World, the fall of the Aztec empire, the Industrial Revolution and so much more. This is our story — a story of triumph and overcoming, of survival on a harsh and brutal planet. It is the story of all of — and how, against the odds, we survived.

On a unique planet, a unique species takes its first steps - Mankind begins. From humble beginnings, we have become the dominant creature on the planet, the future belonging to us.
Iron Men
Empires fall, but out of chaos, we discover iron which helps build a new world order. From the birth of democracy in Athens to the creation of the Bible in Babylon, people power reshapes Mankind.
In Jerusalem, a man's crucifixion gives birth to a global religion. But Christianity may never have happened without the Roman Empire and a vast network of roads and shipping lanes.
When Rome is sacked by barbarians, Europe enters a Dark Age. But from the fringes of the old empire, two new forces remake the world - the Arabs and the Christians.
Genghis Khan sweeps south from Mongolia into China and leaves 40 million dead, but a greater killer known as the Plague stalks mankind, the greatest biological disaster in history.
Gold from Africa rebirths Europe as money flows into Venice. In China, the gun allows a peasant uprising to unify the country, and Chinese innovations such as the printing press inspire Europe.
New World
The Aztecs have built a mighty empire that dominates Central America. But it will be destroyed because of a domino effect. Within 30 years, the Aztecs will be conquered.
In the Andes, trade booms and millions of people come to the New World as slaves. But a handful of Pilgrims come as pioneers - looking for freedom.
Within a hundred years, the irrational fear that produced a witch trial in Salem gives way to a very rational cry for freedom. American revolutionaries confront a mighty empire.
With the American Civil War, the two revolutions - The American Revolution and The Industrial Revolution - collide. The world's first industrial war, it is a battle to define 'freedom'.
New Frontiers
Since entering the Atomic Age, we've been living between eternity and oblivion. But at the same time, we've become more connected as a species.