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Man Moment Machine

Man Moment Machine

MAN MOMENT MACHINE is a series that explores the history-making intersection between a dynamic leader, a significant moment in time, and an important technology. M3 Host and former Navy "Top Gun" fighter pilot Hunter Ellis (Tactical to Practical) goes on location to illustrate these historic triads walking in the shoes of the man, reliving the moment and operating the machine that came together to make history.

Daring Individuals
Apollo 13: Triumph On The Dark Side
The Apollo 13 mission is two days away from a lunar landing when an explosion rips the spacecraft apart. After struggling to stay alive, no one knows if the astronauts can survive.
Alexander The Great
The young Alexander has a secret weapon. A machine created for the destruction of cities: the catapult. If the city of Tyre falls, it will be a pivotal victory in Alexander's quest for a new empire.
JFK & The Crisis Crusader
1962. A showdown puts the world on the brink of nuclear war and JFK hopes to end this gamble. The RF-8 Crusader, capable of reconnaissance photography, needs to prove what the Soviet Union is up to.