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Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds

History is littered with temples, fortresses, lost civilizations, and secret worlds forgotten in the sands of time. The Lost World team embark on a voyage of discovery to unearth these forgotten wonders and bring them back to life in stunning 3D representations. Lost Superpower of the Bible asks what happened to the once mighty Hittite Empire.

The Knights Templar
A team of experts goes to modern-day Syria to look at what remains of the Templars' world, centered around the city of Tortosa.
The Vikings
Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations, scientific studies and historical documents to see what these locations looked like.
Lost Superpower Of The Bible
In the 13th century, the Hittites suddenly disappeared from the records in the greatest vanishing act in history. Lost Worlds goes in search of what happened to their empire.
Churchill's Secret Bunkers
During WWII, a vast complex of secret bunkers was constructed under the streets of London. Lost to time, this world was an important refuge from the nightly onslaught of Nazi air raids.
Secret US Bunkers
As the Cold War reached boiling point the US began to make plans to protect the country against a nuclear war. Highly secret bunkers were constructed and a secret shadow government programme was born.
Secret A-Bomb Factories
The US had created a hidden world of secret cities and classified nuclear facilities, built inside America. 400,000 people were part of it - though only a handful really knew the truth.
Sin City Of The West
The Wild West - an era of American growth fueled by lawless gambling towns, gold rushes and legendary mobsters. Watch a team of historical detectives piece together clues to what the Wild West looked like.
Jekyll & Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was one of the most frightening horror stories ever written. Was this story a disturbing fantasy or was it based on a series of blood-curdling episodes that took place in Edinburgh?
Al Capone's Secret City
Follow a team of historical detectives as they travel back to a time of unimaginable wealth, speakeasies, and ruthless mobsters, piecing together clues as to what the notorious 1920's Chicago looked like.
Stalin's Supercity
One of the most powerful dictators, Stalin and his regime of terror caused the death and suffering of tens of millions. But he also envisaged a grandiose architectural plan on an unimaginable scale.
Building The Titanic
The construction of the `unsinkable' Titanic needed an army of workers and the resources of a purpose-built town complete with an array of specially built docks and facilities to construct it.
Pirates Of The Caribbean
During the heyday of piracy, fearsome buccaneers sailed the Caribbean in search of booty. From the icy docks of Bristol to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, discover the buccaneers' incredible world.