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Life After People

Life After People

What would happen if every human being on earth disappeared? This isn't the story of how we might vanish? It is the story of what happens to the world we leave behind.

Building off the success of HISTORY's two-hour special Life After People, this series continues the exploration of a world wiped clean of humanity, in even more vivid detail. Just like the special, each episode will use cinematic CGI to reveal - in scientific detail - the fate of every aspect of the man-made world. What happens to the millions of animals that supply our food? The chemicals stored in industrial complexes? Which animals take over subways? Do satellites fall to earth? When does Mt. Rushmore whither away?

Every episode will unfold in the hours, days, months and years after people disappear and will combine three to four different kinds of stories, from animal outbreaks to structural collapses, building to a unique visual finale. Life After People, The Series. Welcome to earth, population zero.

Vanishing Man Made Rivers
Collapse of All Buildings
Wrath Of God
Structures of God and symbols of Satan face their post-apocalyptic fate. The controversial Shroud of Turin meets a surprising foe and a desert town abandoned for decades provides clues to earth's future.
Toxic Revenge
A horde of toxins and chemicals are unleashed in a world without people. Deadly gases turn lakes and rivers into acid. Without man's help, Niagara Falls has a surprising fate.
Crypt Of Civilization
In the post-apocalyptic world, man's mysterious relics meet very different ends as crypts, safes and time capsules are exposed to new threats. Also, can military-trained dogs survive in the wild?
Last Supper
The fate of man's world of food. Destructive forces turn supermarkets into breeding grounds for insects while Da Vinci's Last Supper suffers due to its unusual paint ingredient.
Waves Of Devastation
A massive force of water threatens everything man leaves behind. Cities faces a deluge from failed levees and famous paintings meet a tragic fate. What would happen to the Sydney Opera House?
Holiday Hell
Fireworks factories erupt, Christmas tree farms grow out of control. Vacation icons fall, from resorts and cruise ships, to roller coaster thrill ride. A Holiday Hell ensues.
Sky's The Limit
In a world without people, Air Force One will suffer an explosive malfunction while mysterious cargo on a satellite will change the universe.
Home Wrecked Home
Examine the apocalyptic fate of every home. Gas leaks turn suburbs into infernos, paint causes some homes to explode in flames. Houses fall from the world tallest apartments to the most crowded complexes.
Depths Of Destruction
Geothermal power plants buckle under the strain of superheated steam, an abandoned town is overrun by 400 million animals and 50-ton minerals grow unchecked in an abandoned mine.
Take Me To Your Leader
The White House, Monticello and Versailles are under attack and suffering different fates. Meanwhile, a toxic ex-Naval base decays in the legacy of the Hiroshima bomb.
The Bodies Left Behind
In this episode, we'll see what happens to some of the bodies left behind. Most embalmed and buried, some mummified, others cryogenically frozen. Will any of them truly achieve immortality?
In this episode, savage forces seize control from man. Thousands of domesticated animals break loose, feats of engineering will self-destruct and a deadly virus will spread once again.
The Capital Threat
In this episode, the capital is under attack. Forces of nature threaten to destroy our national treasures. What will survive? And, what creatures might take our place?
The Invaders
Earth is invaded by predatory forces: Pythons, once exotic pets, now battle native alligators for control of the Everglades, invasive plants strip oxygen from lakes and rivers.
Bound And Buried
The fate of the treasures left entombed, like the mysterious Doomsday Vault, the Mona Lisa, and the Declaration of Independence.
Sin City Meltdown
In Las Vegas, a new rat pack takes over, wax figures of celebrities melt, and iconic hotels crumble. In Atlantic City, the ocean tears apart casinos, but the boardwalk refuses to be destroyed.
Armed & Defenseless
A sunken nuclear warhead awaits its explosive fate on the ocean floor. Great warships in Pearl Harbor come under renewed attacks and snow piles up on buildings causing urban avalanches.
The Road To Nowhere
What happens to the world when mankind stops traveling around it? Oil refineries keep pumping out fuel, but they're turning into ticking time bombs.
Waters Of Death
Civilization is under attack from water in many different forms. Corrosion from rain and wet leaves brings down Seattle's Space Needle, while Middle Eastern humidity wrecks Dubai's Burj al-Arab hotel.
Life After People
Experts from the fields of engineering, botany, biology, geology, and climatology will paint a picture of what Earth will look like in the days, weeks, months, years and millennia after humans are gone.