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Lbj And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm

Lbj And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm

Examines LBJ's White House as it struggles with the country's involvement in the ill-fated Vietnam War--charting the slow disintegration of his presidency as recorded by Johnson himself in his Oval Office. With such well-known characters as Robert McNamara, Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy and William Fullbright, this drama has lost none of its raw intensity from 35 years earlier. We hear the deception, the manipulation, the fear of body bags and loss of American resolve as the viewer witnesses history in real time.

LBJ And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm
Though Eisenhower and Kennedy charted its course, the Vietnam War quickly became known as Lyndon Johnson's war. Recorded phone conversations with his staff reveal his inner torment over the conflict.