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Last Days Of The Nazis

Last Days Of The Nazis

Last Days Of The Nazis is an enthralling new mini-series that takes viewers inside the minds of the Germans themselves, looking at the events of WWII from their perspective. Starting in 1945 from the fall of the Nazi party and working backwards to show the party's seeds, the series uses documentary and drama that combines factual storytelling with rich character-driven stories to create a series that resonates with audiences.

Dark Beginning
It's 1945, and the Allies have rounded up many Nazis. They share stories of their encounters with Adolf Hitler, the first violent days of the Nazi party, and the bizarre tale of Hitler's Jewish psychic.
Smoke, Blood And Mirrors
After World War II ends, every German adult is subject to Allied questioning. The Nazis use spectacle and circus to obscure their dark agenda at the 1934 Nuremburg Party Rally and the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
War Of Conquest
Post-War Germany is a physical and moral ruin, and Hitler's War General tries and fails to persuade his interrogators that he was an honorable soldier who objected to the brutal invasions.
The Executioners
Allied interrogators must determine the committed crimes of the Third Reich. And Hitler's War General insisted that German soldiers acted with honor, despite overwhelming evidence of brutality.
Death Factory
After the war, the Allies are horrified to stumble across evidence of the Nazi's crimes against humanity. Now they must question those who took part to prevent anything like this from happening again.
End Of The Reich
Allied interrogators in Occupied Germany must question those who participated in the Third Reich to get to the bottom of what happened there.