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The Korean War: Fire & Ice

The Korean War: Fire & Ice

General Ridgway replaces MacArthur and turns back the Communist tide over two years of the war's bloodiest fighting.

Making Of A Bloodbath (Part One)
An examination of the Korean War, which set all the rules for East/West conflict during the nuclear age, and in doing so, brought an unknowing world closer to all-out atomic war than has ever been told.
Triumph To Tragedy (Part Two)
Prominent historians and battle veterans reveal the pain and pathos of the Korean War. Revisit MacArthur's amphibious strike at Inchon, which routed North Korean invaders until the Chinese intervened.
Retreat From Hell (Part Three)
The Korean War was a war of firsts: The first jet war and the first battlefield of the Cold War. A freezing, shattered U.N. army fights its way out of a Chinese trap in the longest retreat in U.S. history.
Bitter Standoff (Part Four)
The series looks at the Korean War from the G.I.'s point-of-view. General Ridgeway replaces MacArthur, and turns back the communist tide during two years of the war's bloodiest fighting.