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Invention Intervention

Invention Intervention

An exciting part of America's economic and industrial history has been written by amateur inventors, often working in their backyards and garages on "the next great thing." From the Wright Brothers to Steve Jobs to John Pembleton creating Coca-Cola in a backyard kettle, it is often the common man inventing his dream that has changed history.

Great Balls Of Fire
Garrett and Reichart travel to the Mojave Desert to meet an eccentric survivalist who has invented a combustible weapon for stopping wild animal attacks, but his invention may go up in flames.
Think Outside The Box
Garrett and Reichart meet a musician who has turned a cardboard box into an Upright Bass, and later, they drop in on an inventor who has created a safety device for descending from skyscrapers.
Scraping By
Reichart and Garrett meet a frustrated inventor who has sacrificed a lot of money and his marriage on a device for scraping ceilings. Plus Garrett takes a 30 foot leap of faith to test another invention.
Garrett and Reichart test an inflatable shelter to help people in natural disasters, but is the invention full of hot air? Plus, they check out an inventor who has created a fall-proof ladder.
Copper And Robbers
Reichart and Garrett test the mettle of an inventor who believes he's created a way to stop a crime that costs Americans millions of dollars a year.
Inventor On Board
The future of an inventor and his family is riding on a new skateboard design. Plus, it's a compass and a belt. But will it do what the inventor says it was designed to do?