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Inspector America

Inspector America

Engineer Timothy Galarnick is inspecting America's quickly decaying infrastructure in Inspector America, guageing the danger of bridges and levees to highways and potholes and exploring how they got that way. With a natural storytelling style and a great breadth of knowledge, viewers learn how such things as the steel shortage during the Korean War has caused problems to this very day.

A Bridge Too Old
Timothy evaluates a diseased bridge, a critical water system, congested highways, and finds himself in the middle of a dangerous downpour.
America's Wake Up Call
Timothy uncovers a famous collapse, a reservoir on the verge, and a bridge that could pose a serious danger.
Gold Rush Sewer
Timothy inspects a deadly gas line, sewers built during the Gold Rush, and a football stadium built on an earthquake fault.
Shaky Foundations
Timothy inspects the effects of a famously rainy city, a sea wall in danger of collapse, and a sinking bridge.
Dam This City
Timothy inspects high-hazard dams, sinking Las Vegas casinos, and the effects of intense desert storms on infrastructure.
Timothy inspects abandoned neighborhoods, faulty power lines, and the effects of ice and snow in a proud city with a great history.