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I Love The 1880's

I Love The 1880's

LOVE THE 1880s (wt) is a hilarious look back at history's most iconic people, landmarks, and events through the eyes of today's funniest comedians. The series will contain surprising new information around some of history's biggest moments and will also be infused with a nostalgic look back at "simpler times." I LOVE THE 1880s (wt) gives comedians a chance to tie historical material to current headlines, showing that history truly does repeat itself and usually in hysterical fashion. Each episode will cover multiple time periods and a wide range of topics which could include: feuds & rivals, leaders and their lovers, and famous firsts. The episodes will contain a mix of traditional talking head segments where the comedians comment on a moment in history and a few shorter segments either driven by a single comedian or by voiceover.

I Love The 1880s
Presidents Gone Wild
I Love The 1880's comedians leave no corner of the Oval Office unexplored during this thorough examination of executive power and learn the strange way Nixon wooed his future wife.
The United States Of Awesome
Discover why American had the most awesome healthcare system in the world. And if you thought tailgating at football games was awesome, learn about the people who picnicked at a Civil War battle!
One Nation, Under Arrest
Find out which Chicago mobster went by Snorky, why Bonnie & Clyde were like Fleetwood Mac, and exactly how many U.S. vice presidents have shot people while in office. The answer may surprise you.
Military Madness
Learn the secrets behind the CIA's classified cat-training program and discover William Wallace's taste for human flesh. It's a walk through military history without the risk of getting trench foot.
The Vice Is Right
Our comedians will get you hooked on the illicit habits and weird addictions enjoyed by some of history's biggest figures. Learn which drug gave Freud devious pleasure and whether Churchill was ever sober.
The Nerds Who Build America
Learn how shocking an elephant helped decide how we get electricity. Discover the secrets of Marie Curie's radioactive love life. It's a half-hour of TV that proves science can be fun. Or at least funny.
How The West Was Fun
It's a comedic round-up of the biggest and brashest personalities to venture west of the Mississippi. Get ready for hilarious tales of gunslingers and high plains drifters roaming across the land.
Forever Badasses
Prepare to meet some of the baddest people on earth. We're talking about Genghis Khan, Andrew Jackson and Ernest Hemingway, the manliest man to ever make a living by writing his feelings down on paper.
Heroes And Villians
Learn what made Alexander the Great so great and how Napoleon could have won the Battle of Waterloo with a bit more preparation. It's the best untold stories about heroes who saved the day.
Bad Behavior
We're poking fun at the bad behavior of politicians, royals and all the other prominent historical figures. You'll learn what LBJ nicknamed his 'chief of staff' and how Kim Jong-Il invented the hamburger.
Breakthroughs And Breakdowns
Our comedians are cracking wise at epic feats the world has ever seen. From Lindbergh to the Hindenburg , it's a look at the big moments and what you need to know about the major turning points in history.