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History's Lost & Found

History's Lost & Found

We are hot on the trail of some of the most legendary and little known objects in history. From the car in which Archduke Ferdinand was shot to Einstein's brain, join us as we uncover these artifacts where you least expect them.

Musical Memorabilia
Discover Ben Franklin's bizarre instrument, investigate the single soundboard that launched Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee, then step into the electronic age with the first Moog synthesizer.
Early Americana
Discover secrets of early Americana, scroll the church register from the Salem witch trials, find out the truth about Plymouth Rock, and see the famous bell that wouldn't stop cracking.
Souvenirs Of Outer Space
Trace the long-distance journey of the world's oldest rock, uncover the brave monkies that were the first to venture into space, and find out why Alan Shepard needed a caddy on the moon.
Hoorah For Hollywood
Discover the story of the first star-crossed Oscar, find the shoes that defined Charlie Chaplin, and get a glimpse of Swifty Lazar's enormous eyeglasses.
Star's Stuff
Discover pieces of Hollywood history like the Lone Ranger's mask, James Dean's treasured Trophy Motorcycle and Ronald Reagan's favourite restaurant booth.
The Wild West
Uncover Buffalo Bill's controversial grave, learn the twisted tale of cannibal cowboy, and recover a ghost dance shirt that survived the battle of Wounded Knee.
Lincoln Lore
Take a look at the platform that held ex-US President Lincoln's coffin, discover the hidden truth in Mary Todd Lincoln's letters, and track down the Gettysburg address.
Movie Memorabilia
Take a look at Marilyn Monroe's dress that blew up into a scandal, find the stuff dreams are made of, meet the legendary African Queen, and the Cowardly Lion's costume.
Written Relics
Uncover Shakespeare's mysterious will, examine Charles Dickens's personal copy of 'A Christmas Carol', and delve into Henry VIII's scandalous love letters to his mistress.
Musical Memorabilia II
Trace musical mementos such as Liberace's rhinestone piano, Charlie Parker's plastic sax, Beethoven's innovative hearing aides, and Elvis's unwanted birthday present, his guitar.
Body Parts
Discover the shocking secret of the original Siamese twins, the hush-hush surgery that saved a president, and a gruesome gift given to a museum by a US congressman.
Civil Wars Souvenirs
See the document that tore a nation apart: the Confederate Constitution. Also, uncover the tables on which the Civil War came to a close and trace the journey of Stonewall Jackson's raincoat.
Precious Pets
Meet some precious pets including the original Winnie the Pooh, Hollywood's most beloved horse and a pooch made of pennies. Also, find out the story behind the remarkable Rin Tin Tin.
Crime Curios
Investigate some curiosities from the world of crime. Take a look at the three dummies used in the daring escape from Alcatraz and check out the body of one of the most famous criminals.
History's Lost & Found 15
Explore the story of Thomas Edison and the first electric chair, the axe Lizzie Borden used to butcher her parents and the guillotine blade that beheaded Marie Antoinette.
Relics Of The American Revolution
Track down the relics of the American Revolution include Paul Revere's lantern that lit the path to freedom and Benedict Arnold's signed oath of allegiance.
Riding In Style
The viewers get to know what drove the last checkered cab off the streets of New York and the location of the world's only private subway car.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,23 Oct, 2018 - 02:25
  • Tuesday,23 Oct, 2018 - 13:35
Fast Food
Fascinating finds from the world of fast food include the most notorious Jello box in history, the pressure cooker that ignited a fried chicken empire, and the first TV dinner tray.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,30 Oct, 2018 - 02:25
  • Tuesday,30 Oct, 2018 - 13:35
Fearless And Fearsome Animals
Take a look at fearless and fearsome animals such as a notorious pair of man-eating lions, a horse without a hoof that helped fight a deadly fire and a husky that saved an entire city.
Furniture Of The Famous
Track down the furniture of the famous includes Mark Twain's bed, Freud's personal couch, a kingly bathtub and a box that shocked the nation.