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Hero Ships

Hero Ships

Hero Ships brings viewers the battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, and specialized ships that belong in the warship hall of fame, exploring their combat history to understand just what happens in the heat of battle. LST - 325 opens the series with the unsung hero of modern warfare, the "Landing Ship Tanks" that are always the first to touch hostile shores.

Landing Ship Tanks' weren't deemed noble enough even to have names. The story of these ships is therefore one of an unsung hero, as it reveals the considerable war-long battle action of one ship.
USS Texas
The USS Texas is the last battleship afloat patterned after HMS Dreadnought, that participated in WWI and WWII. Considered the most powerful warship afloat, Texas was commissioned in March 1914.
USS New Jersey
Among the most notable battleships in the Navy's history is the USS New Jersey. The ship's sponsor was Mrs. Charles Edison, wife of the Governor of New Jersey and daughter-in-law of Thomas Edison.
USS New York
Watch as the 'USS New York' comes together. She is an Amphibious Dock Ship, and is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in America's arsenal, reinforced with steel from the World Trade Centers.
USS Laffey
The USS Laffey is the only surviving destroyer of the World War II period that saw action in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theatre.
USS Hornet
One of the most heroic ships of the Second World War, CV-8 has the distinction of serving as the flight deck for the incredible Doolittle Tokyo raid.
USS Yorktown
Yorktown's planes inflicted heavy losses on the enemy at Truk and in the Marianas, as well as supporting American troops in the Philippines, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.
USS Arizona
Although the Arizona fought only minutes in the battle in which she died, her afterlife as a tragic symbol epitomizes American naval sacrifice and courage.
S.S. Jeremiah O' Brien
As one of the masses of Liberties to participate in the D-Day invasion, the Jeremiah O'Brien has miraculously clung to life while all others have hit the scrap heap.
USS Nautilus
USS Nautilus was the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. Nautilus' nuclear plant enabled the boat to remain submerged for weeks, even months. She was the world's first true submarine.
Samuel B. Roberts
Following a tradition of coolness and courage through disastrous battle damage, Samuel B. Roberts is ravaged by a huge explosion in an enemy minefield in the Persian Gulf during the Desert Storm fighting.
USS Constitution
Old Ironsides represents everything stirring about the United States Navy - its fighting victories, its traditions, its indispensable role in the birth and defense of the United States itself.
USS Enterprise
In all, there have been eight ships in the U.S. Navy that have carried the name Enterprise dating to the earliest days of the Continental Navy. Most significant in that lineage have been the last two.