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Food Tech

Food Tech

Whether it's Cheeseburger & Fries, Mexican or Chinese Take-Out... FOOD TECH host Bobby Bognar, a food industry veteran, travels the world deconstructing our favorite meals. Along the way he reveals the hidden world behind every bite, uncovers surprising history and sees first-hand how ingredients from around the globe come together to become the meals we love. Bognar lives for food and in FOOD TECH he criss-crosses the nation in search of the origins and production secrets behind the foods we love. And, it's more than just the food itself. Ever think about how they get the soy sauce in those little packets or where all those pizza boxes come from? Get ready for a journey to see how ingredients from around the world come together to become the meals we eat.

Cheeseburger & Fries
The host travels around the factories and farms, which are involved in the making of cheeseburgers and fries to learn how they are made from scratch.
Chinese Take Out
The host takes a detailed look into various Chinese dishes including egg rolls, the secret ingredient in beef and broccoli and unknown facts about a fortune cookie.
Aboard the aircraft carrier USS Stennis, the host discovers how technology makes it possible for chefs to prepare a fresh and nutritious breakfast for five thousand hungry sailors.
The host uncovers why a peanut butter sandwich sticks to the roof of one's mouth, what goes into the filling of a Twinkie besides vanilla and shares the secrets of various lunchbox treats.
The host uncovers the intriguing history of pizza and finds out how the ingredients from around the globe come together to prepare the Italian dish.
All You Can Eat
The Host explores popular buffet dishes, understands how bee and sugarcane farms work and ultimately stages a buffet himself in the biggest buffet in Las Vegas.
Ball Park
Host Bobby Bognar travels to Washington's Yakima Valley to help farmers grow the spice of beer. In Michigan, he uncovers how a special hybrid of popcorn is vital to making Cracker Jack.
Southern Fried
In Alabama, Bobby wades among 275,000 catfish during feeding time and discovers how each fish scooped from the pond becomes a fillet within just one hour.
Italian Dinner
The host visits New Mexico and North Carolina to learn about the ingredients in pasta sauces. Later, he learns how one type of bacteria makes both vinegar and wine.
The host explores the popularity of Mexican cuisine among Americans and also helps an old artist to make a classic Mexican dish from volcanic rock.