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Extreme Trains

Extreme Trains

Extreme Trains is an immersive new series taking viewers on a voyage of discovery through the nuts, bolts and wheels of the great machines that connected the world, with all-American, real-life railroad conductor host Matt Bown leading us on incredible rail journeys across the USA and all over the world - from the highest to the longest to the fastest to the strongest railroad engines and train lines.

Circus Train
Horseshoe Curve
High Speed Train
Amtrak's Acela is a wonder that runs lines since the Great Depression. The train is powered by high voltage overhead electrical wires and we meet the workers who are just inches from being electrocuted.
Ice Cold Express
Union Pacific's refrigeration train employs mobile refrigeration technology to keep its produce fresh. Even the railcars are stored inside a cooled facility so as not to break the cold chain.
Freight Train
Freight train is one of the important trains in America bringing goods from the Far East to stores across the US. Let's ride through an amazing earthquake proof trench that runs the length of downtown LA.
Overnight Traveler
The Amtrak Empire Builder runs from Chicago to Seattle and is the busiest passenger train in America. Learn how the railroad keeps passengers from choking to death and how to keep the tracks from flooding.
Coal Train
Matt joins Norfolk as it hauls its cargo of coal through Pennsylvania from mine to power plant. This is the train that brings power to America and learn how the Nazis tried to blow the tracks during WWII.
Circus Train
Hop aboard the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's circus train. As they travel from Baltimore to Washington, DC corridor in the dead of night, Matt discovers the less glamorous side to the great show.
In this episode, Matt rides the busiest freight line, Union Pacific's Omaha to Sacramento -- on a route where he and the train crews must free the tracks from huge blocks of ice.