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Extreme History With Roger Daltrey

Extreme History With Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the legendary rock band The Who, takes viewers back in time to experience the nitty-gritty, day-to-day realities of some of history's greatest moments. Daltrey, an avid history buff, goes on location to demonstrate the challenges of surviving history's epic adventures, explorations, and battles.

Surviving The Colorado River
Roger Daltrey tries to cross the Colorado River in a replica of the boat used by Civil War veteran Major John Wesley Powell, who charted the river in 1869.
Surviving The Lewis & Clark Expedition
Roger Daltrey heads to the wilds of Montana, samples Lewis and Clark's culinary delights including buffalo tongues and beaver tails and fashions a heavy canoe.
Surviving A Buffalo Hunt
As experts guide him, Roger Daltrey learns how to turn a hide into a blanket, makes his own arrows and turns a bison bladder into dinnerware.
Surviving Like A Primitive Man
Roger Daltrey builds and one of history's first boats, slaps together one of history's first houses and picks up his stone-age weapons for a real manhunt.
Surviving The Wild West
Roger Daltrey heads to West Texas to experience a cowboy's life. He takes up challenges including driving cattle and cooking Western Diamondback rattlers.
Surviving The Early Days Of Nascar
Roger Daltrey takes a road trip to Georgia to explore the evolution of NASCAR, learns the secret recipe for brewing white lightning and heads for a grand finale.
Surviving The 1st 100 Years Of The FDNY
Roger goes on a mission with Paul Hashagen to find out how the FDNY evolved from a group of unruly hooligans to trained professionals, and actually battles fires.
Surviving Like A Civil War Soldier
Roger visits Spotsylvania County to undergo the regimens of army personnel, surgeons and battlefield photographers that contributed to the American Civil War.