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Engineering Disasters

Engineering Disasters

Engineering has built our modern world, from the roads we travel on to the skyscrapers we work in. But what happens when engineering goes horribly and wrong? Engineering Disasters answers these questions, to uncover what really happened in the most notorious engineering accidents. Freight Train Collision reviews the small mistakes that led to a big disaster.

Freight Train Collision
Investigate a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that left seven concert goers dead. Next, engineers in Japan scramble to save millions of lives as an epic radioactive release looms.
Heartland Explosion
Two construction cranes in New York City seem to fall from the sky leaving a path of destruction. A ferry in South Korea encounters trouble and sinks. What do these catastrophes have in common?
Kentucky Sinkhole
Why did a 72 oil-car runaway train crash, killing 47 people and leveling half a town? What caused the Minneapolis Metrodome's iconic roof to collapse? Was it an engineering flaw or Mother Nature?
Colorado Dam Disaster
On this episode, a storm of the century takes out nine dams in Colorado, flooding entire towns and leaving thousands stranded. And, a luxury cruise goes from smooth sailing to wrecked on the rocks.
Raging Rocket
This episode investigates a mudslide that swallows an entire neighborhood, leaving scientists baffled. And, could engineering be to blame for the death of more than two hundred thousand people in Haiti?
California Pipeline Castastrophe
A captain sails his ship into the path of Hurricane Sandy, leaving many asking why. Trains arriving at the same place at the same time end up colliding. Was it an engineering failure or human error?
Trapped Under Seattle
Throughout U.S., crucial infrastructure is falling apart. A mega-tunnel in Seattle is one of the big fixes, but how can engineers finish their work when the largest tunneling tool is stuck underground?
Exploding Manhole Covers
An oil refinery erupts in Utah, sending shockwaves through town and damaging over 100 homes. And a coal filled freight train derails, and buries two women sitting near the tracks.