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Empires Of Industry

Empires Of Industry

Ingenuity, desire and competitiveness - these are the human factors that built the great industrial empires of the world. Tobacco, timber and oil are just some of the topics that introduce viewers into the corporate world to explore the allure of power and money.

A Good Mix of Ingenuity, Desire, Competitiveness
Textiles: Birth Of An American Industry
Explore the history of the textile industry in the US, including the birth of Lowell, an industrial city in Massachusetts, labour agitation and its future.
Andrew Carnegie And The Age Of Steel
Examine the history of the steel industry in the US, including Andrew Carnegie's empire based in Pittsburgh and the formation of US Steel, and its endurance.
The Legacy Of King Coal
During the Industrial Revolution, coal became a vital fuel. American coal miners fought to get better working conditions and higher pay as they propelled US industrial growth.
Victory At Sea: Mass Producing Liberty
Archival footage and photographs convey how industrialists converted American shipyards into mass production facilities to meet the requirements of WWII.
Black Gold: The Story Of Oil
Examine the story of oil since time immemorial and how the US became so reliant on it that it waged war in the 1990s to make certain that nothing stops its flow to the US.
Pioneering lumberjacks in the US in the 19th and 20th centuries led the way for the timber industry there as businessmen saw that fortunes could be made.
War Planes Of World War II
Modern shots of restored aircraft, historic footage ranging from factory floors to dogfights, and interviews with pilots and designers recapture the aviation industry's finest hour.
War Of The Copper Kings
Learn about the business rivalry between William Clark and Marcus Daly as they battled for control of the richest copper sources in the US.
Battle For The Skies
Follow the lives of two men who dominated the rise of international air travel: Juan Trippe, whose Pan American Airways practically created the industry, and eccentric tycoon Howard Hughes, who built TWA.
The Du Pont Dynasty
Follow the rise to power of the Du Ponts from building a gunpowder empire, which enabled them to amass massive fortune in the US, to dominating the current chemical industry.
Wildcatters risked everything they had to drill a hole in the ground for oil and made it possible for the US, a horse and buggy nation, to become a world of automobiles and airplanes.
Cola Wars
Learn about the legendary rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola in a $100-billion US industry built on little more than sugar and water as they battle to quench consumer thirst.