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Digging For The Truth

Digging For The Truth

In Digging For The Truth explorer Josh Bernstein takes a fresh look at the world's greatest ancient mysteries and tests new theories using the latest technology. Mystery Of The Anasazi sees Josh travel to the magnificent stone cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde and try to answer why the Anasazi Indians suddenly moved their villages to these perilous cliffs in the 13th century...and then abandon them just decades later?

Pirates: Terror In The Mediterranean
The deeds of the Barbary Pirates are little known, despite them terrorizing the seas and the shores of Europe for 400 years. Join us on an expedition to find the first-ever bona fide Barbary pirate vessel.
Few names conjure as much mystery as that of Timbuktu. For centuries, people heard legends of a mythical city in the heart of the Sahara. But it took 500 years to find it, and by then the glory was gone.
God's Gold Part 1
Hunter Ellis ventures on a search for the golden artifacts of Jerusalem's Temple. From Jerusalem, follow a trail of clues to uncover the final hiding place of the priceless treasures of the Jewish faith.
God's Gold Part 2
Hunter Ellis continues our extraordinary treasure hunt as he ventures on a search for the priceless golden artifacts of Jerusalem's Temple, lost since the Romans looted them almost 2000 years ago.
Kings Of The Stone Age
Hunter Ellis explores how a primitive civilization moved mountains to make monumental works of art and reveals new insights into the most mysterious people of the Americas.
Angkor Wat: The Eighth Wonder
Join Hunter Ellis as he uses technology to unravel the secrets of a magnificent ancient temple and solve the mystery of why it was suddenly abandoned in the heart of the Cambodian jungle.
The Hunley: New Revelations
The H.L. Hunley, armed with a primitive torpedo, destroyed a mighty Union warship, yet its crew never made it home. Join Hunter Ellis and Kara Cooney as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Atlantis: New Revelations
Is Atlantis a myth, or is the story based in fact? Josh heads to the Mediterranean Sea in search of Atlantis, leading an exclusive boat expedition off the coast of Cyprus in search of the `true' Atlantis.
Lost Empire Of Genghis Khan
Josh builds a ger on the Mongolian steppe, fires arrows from horseback like a Mongolian warrior, and uses DNA science to trace the genetic legacy of Chinggis Khaan.
King Tut: Secrets Revealed
In his quest for the truth, Josh climbs into King Tut's tomb, fires the weapons Tut took to his grave, and uses modern science to dig deeper into the rumors of Tut's murder.
Lost Treasures Of Petra
Petra's cityscape was carved into the walls of Shara Mountains and the builders of Petra were thought to be the wealthiest people ever to inhabit the Middle East, but they vanished. What was Petra?
Stonehenge Of The Americas
What's the 'real' connection between Stonehenge and the 'Stonehenge of the Americas'? Flying out from La Paz, Josh tours Tiwanaku from the air and on the ground to explore evidence of a lost civilization.
Search For King David
Was King David a real historical figure, or a mythological King? To find out, Josh examines an ancient basalt slab inscribed with David's name, and recreates his famous fight with Goliath.
Lost Treasure Of The Copper Scroll
Scholars believe the copper scrolls represent a detailed treasure map, a list of hiding places where the priests of Jerusalem's Second Temple stored their silver and gold artifacts during times of trouble.
The Aztecs: Of Blood And Sacrifice
Josh travels to Mexico City to examine the bones of sacrificial rituals and he'll try his hand at the weapons of the Aztecs and cut through flesh using the technology of the ancients.
New Maya Revelations
When did the Maya Civilization truly reach its peak? Josh tracks the origins throughout Mexico and the Central American rainforest and reveals the known oldest mural in the Maya world.
Machu Picchu: Lost City Of The Inca
Was Machu Picchu a military fortress? Did it have a secret purpose? From the mountains of Peru, Josh will examine the stonework at the site, and review manuscripts to discover the 'true' purpose.
Ramesses: Visions Of Greatness
Was Ramesses II Egypt's Greatest Pharaoh? Josh travels to Egypt to try his hand at stone masonry, decodes the propaganda of the pharaohs, and discover if Ramesses II was as `great' as he thought he was.
Secrets Of The Mummies
How did the Egyptians prepare the dead for the afterlife? Josh explores the royal tombs at Giza, mine the key ingredient used to preserve the dead, and uncovers a secret cache of golden mummies.
America's Pyramids
Follow Josh as he paddles down the bayous; builds his own earthen pyramid with modern equipment and scuba dives the cold, dark waters of Wisconsin to solve the mystery of the America's pyramid builders.
City Of The Gods
Josh heads for central Mexico to explore its mines, make prehistoric tools and try to decode its impressive murals to understand who built the City of the Gods and why it was abandoned.
The Real Temple Of Doom
Josh ventures deep into the miles of tunnels beneath the ruins of Chavin de Huantar, comes face to face with some of the fearsome animals of the Peruvian Amazon, and investigates a real temple of doom.
The Giants Of Patagonia
Josh will trek across the glaciers of Patagonia, accompany a band of gauchos on horseback and join a modern-day paleontology dig to try to discover evidence that the ground sloth still exists today.
The Real Sin City: Sodom & Gomorrah
Josh climbs Mount Sodom to inspect a strange `Pillar of Salt' and works with a pyrotechnic expert to reconstruct a natural-gas explosion. Can the tools reconstruct what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?
The Lost Cities Of The Amazon
Josh treks through regions of the Amazon rainforest on the trail of the 'Lost City of Z'. Along the way, he'll brave piranha-infested rivers and come to terms with massive regions of deforestation.
The Da Vinci Code: Bloodlines
From musty libraries to ancient churches, Josh's unique quest leads him to seek the DNA evidence that might prove or disprove one of the most sensational claims in modern history.
Troy: Of Gods & Warriors
Josh travels to Greece and Turkey on the search for Troy. Along the way, he'll learn what it took to live and fight on the coasts of the Aegean in the late Bronze Age.
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh
Josh goes on a hunt for mummies from the time of Cleopatra. He'll come face to face with Cleopatra's killer, the Egyptian cobra, and sail down the Nile River searching for clues to her true history.
The Real Queen Of Sheba
Josh digs deep in Ethiopia, legendary home of the Queen of Sheba of Sheba, follows the ancient incense trail, and ends up in Yemen, while attempting to discover her mystery and legacy.
Stonehenge Secrets Revealed
Josh investigates the origins of Stonehenge and the pre-historic world that surrounded it. From the depths of a copper mine to a quarry from which the stones were carved, he reveals how it was built.
The Vikings: Voyage To America
Josh sails a Viking ship from Denmark to discover what made the Vikings such masterful mariners. With the ancient Viking sagas as his guide, he embarks on a journey from Scandinavia to Newfoundland.
Roanoke: The Lost Colony
Josh is on the trail of America's oldest missing persons case. He travels back to England to trace the roots of a family who could be descendants of the Roanoke colony.
Mystery Of The Anasazi
Why did the Anasazi Indians suddenly disappear from history? Piecing together the story from both archaeologists and Native Americans, Josh Bernstein finally tracks it down in the ruins of Chaco Canyon.
Who Built Egypt's Pyramids?
Josh looks at competing theories as to who really built the pyramids and when by exploring secret chambers in the heart of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. He learns what appears to be the final truth.
The Lost Tribe Of Israel
The mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel has attracted many. Josh retraces the journey that Lemba people claim they made and discovers that DNA studies point to their origin in the Middle East.
Pompeii Secrets Revealed
It's only recently that archaeologists and volcanologists have come to understand exactly how the mighty volcano Vesuvius erupted and why it took the people of Pompeii almost entirely by surprise.
The Iceman Cometh
Josh heads for the high Alps to discover the latest secrets that the Iceman's body, clothes and weaponry have revealed. Along the way he'll discover that the Iceman is re-writing our ideas about life.
Secrets Of The Nasca Lines
Josh takes on the secrets of the Nazca Lines flying micro-lites and powered para-gliders, clambering through irrigation tunnels, even recreating rituals with contemporary Native Americans.
The Search For El Dorado
Josh goes on a journey that takes him from the icy waters of Lake Titicaca in Southern Peru to the frozen Altiplano of the high Andes as he struggles to discover the truth behind the Legend of El Dorado.
Giants Of Easter Island
Josh unveils the secrets of Easter Island and of its stone heads. Delving into the world of ancient Pacific islanders, he relearns the lost art of Polynesian navigation.